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My name is Ahmed Abderrafie, a full-stack developer, and musician.
I've created erhythm.org with love, to help musicians composing easier new rhythms, sharing, customizing, and playing world rhythms from the library.
I'm still working now to add more rhythms so you can follow me to get you notified when a new rhythm is added to the library.
My app is free from subscriptions or annoying ads and available for everyone.
Making this app for you as a hobby is a great passion but also needs a lot of time.
Liked erhythm.org? Consider buying me a coffee.
I'll be happy to have some Coffees from you, Your support is what keeps me going.
Let's be friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
Thanks a lot once again for your support ❤️


17 supporters

Ilya bought a coffee
WOW, I really like the idea, that's amazing. Sending you some coffee. Any iOS app versions upcoming?
Scott Cincotta bought a coffee
If you ever need a beta tester, I would like to help you out. 😀
Someone bought a coffee
David Capuzelo bought 3 coffees
Great job!
Naoufal Fatmi bought a coffee
great job my friend 👏👏 , a pure result from hours and hours of hard working .
Someone bought a coffee
Someone bought a coffee
Well done. Enjoy your coffee!
Soufiane Retaa bought a coffee
Best of luck my buddy
Someone bought a coffee
Someone bought a coffee
Hockeydon bought 5 coffees
StefanSchwarzFFM bought 35 coffees
Brilliant Work. Keep going forward. And enjoy the Coffee('s).
Russ Anderson bought a coffee
Someone bought 5 coffees
innovative ideas -well done
Dima bought a coffee
Dave bought a coffee
Love your app! As a music teacher, it's a wonderful way to show children "the grid" and help them see how rhythm works.
ToadP bought 5 coffees
Thanks a lot for this outstanding work, I think you need much more coffee🥁☕
Charles bought a coffee
It's very useful, Keep going

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